Beautiful and exotic … also, risky, rocky, steep

Mt. Kinabalu on exotic Borneo Island in the South Pacific is a beautiful, alluring destination. But even with years of rugged training, I found the 45-degree ascent to the 13,436-foot summit surprisingly challenging.

During the two-day trek, I pondered the similarities between the climb and the challenges of corporate communications that many companies face — do-able, but risky.

My mountain guide, Tubek, made all the difference in my success. With steady assurance, he was there when I felt imperiled or tired or uncertain of the terrain.

For some of you, The Iris Company can be your Tubek. We can help you deftly maneuver around the potholes and overcome the steep inclines woefully underestimated. We deliver experienced, savvy, quick ramp-up communications that have a global focus.