Presentations & Training


The Role of Associations in the Global RFID Marketplace STE 5th China International RFID Exhibition & Conference, 19 June 2008

Seeking RFID Technical Papers Sun Yat-Sen University, Guangzhou, China, June 2008

From intervention to Laissez-faire: A Brief Survey of Government & RFID Baylor University, 2007

Baylor University, Hankamer School of Business, September 2007

Slides & speeches (Harnessing slides; Harnessing speech; Reflecting slides; Reflecting speech) on RFID-based electronic tolling




“Using the IPA Mobility Assignment and Other Staffing Tools,” US Dept of Commerce for American Society of Public Administrators National  Conference, April 1980.



Professional Communications: The Broad Way to Technology PCS Chapter meeting, Arlington Virginia, December 2007

Referencing from a database, Example

University of Waterloo English 292 Course Reading List: The Profession

Negotiating Skills for Technical Communicators

Corporate e-Learning and ROI: Productivity & Commoditization or Gas Station Economics IEEE Professional Communication Annual Conference, Fall 2003

Slides & speech on using radio frequency identification with electronic tolling

Managing Value

IEEE Conference Organizers’ Workshop August 2 2013 Portland

Dang! It’s Like a Box of Chocolates, IEEE 2005 Sections Congress

Inventing the Wheel. Lavacon 2004 (New Orleans)

Corporate e-Learning and ROI. IEEE PCS Conference 2003, Orlando, Florida

Thriving in Ambiguity,   1996 STC Proceedings, STC Annual Conference. Panel: Emily Sopensky, Sally Derrick, Patricia Gabella, Robert Hurst, Krysti Ray; 1996 STC Proceedings / Management, p. 70.

“Overcoming Dilemmas,” Panel: Emily Sopensky, Brenda Cameron, Laurie Modrey, Bob Hurst, STC Proceedings / Management, 1995. Solutions E-L; Solutions RH; News. Photo.

“Rules of the Game,” Panel: Cynthia C. Currie, James T. Currie, Laurie Modrey, and Emily Sopensky, STC Proceedings / Management, 1995

The Art of Collaboration Questionnaire,” Emily Sopensky and Laurie Modrey, 1993, 4pp


Protein Marketing: Telling the Compelling Story That Sells Your Product (ppt) (pdf)

Technical Writing

Corporate e-Learning and ROI: Productivity & Commoditization or Gas Station Economics IEEE Professional Communication Annual Conference, Fall 2003

EDA SW Region Conference, 1999, Dallas

Negotiating Skills for Technical Communicators. STC Annual Conference, 1995.

Tackling Pterodactyls and T-Rexes in Corporate Communications Emily Sopensky & Laurie Modrey. STC Proceedings, 1993

What the Gypsies Can Teach Us: Effective Collaboration,” Laurie Moderey & Emily Sopensky, ABC Midwest Convention, April1993

Continuing Education

Mixed media education modules for project managers (15 modules; 2100pp; 930 slides)

User guide: Video and manual for new TI printer

User guide: Video and workbooks for HP application software

Sales guide, training guide, features & benefits datasheets on Texas Instruments artificial intelligent system

Training, features & benefits of first laptop computer (Texas Instruments Pro-Lite)

Training on PC utility software