At the Iris Company, we work with many organizations entering new markets, or those  re-working their strategic marketing. Our expertise in communicating technical concepts and emerging technologies is recognized by many.

The Iris Company provides quick insight into understanding your organization and its culture, which leads to speedy resolution of the task at hand.

CEO Emily Sopensky relies on extensive experience and two degrees in business to guide your projects. With focus and experience, the Iris Company defines, develops, and delivers your message.

Define— We bring knowledge, experience, creativity and determination to focus on your project and discover:

  • Your target audience
  • Your message
  • Your purpose

Develop—An understanding of organizational cultures distinguishes our services from others, using a sensible and balanced approach to suit your organization.

Deliver—Not everyone does or can. Delivery is as much a part of the process as definition and development.

Our products and services: